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My Recipe Magic is your one-stop solution for all things cooking. In the past you had to search multiple sites to find a recipe you like or a "how-to recipe video". Then once you found one how would you keep tack of it? Pinterest is getting less and less user friendly and search engines give you more of what they want instead of what you want. Now you can use the Bookmarklet button from My Recipe Magic to collect every piece of content you want and store it in one, easy to access and organize, location! Here is how:

Once you are logged in click on the menu icon in the top left-hand corner (click here to see training video).

Then click on the "bookmarklet" link on the drop-down menu.

This page will open. Drag and drop the two blue buttons to your bookmark toolbar.

Now you have a "collect" button on your bookmark toolbar.

You can use this button whenever you are online and see a recipe or video that you like. Just click the collect button while you are on the recipe page that you want to keep. A page with several images will open.

Click on the image you would like to use for your recipe thumbnail. A new page will open that shows you what the recipe will look like. You can add text in the different fields. When you have it the way you want it, click on the "send for review" button in the top right corner.

Your recipe will be reviewed and published in 24-48 hours. You can then go back to your profile page and see the recipe under the "recipes" tab.

Collect as many recipes as you can. Then you can start organizing them into collections (click here to see training video). You are on your way to a killer library of favorite recipes!


10 kitchen gadgets under $10 you need now

One of two things is about to happen. 1) You'll click through this list and instantly go to Amazon to buy these products or 2) You'll leave wishing you had these gadgets already. Prepare yourself for an ideal kitchen setup, on the cheap.

1. Pie crust shield

Get it on Amazon

2. Something to help you transfer chopped goods

No more using your knife or trying to carry the cutting the board to the pot, pan, or bowl. No more trying to keep chopped ingredients from falling everywhere. This is so simple, yet genius.

Under $7 Amazon

3. A 3-in-1 avocado utensil

People love their avocados and guac. Get this crafty 3-in-1 tool and you'll be in guac heaven.

It's $9.95 on Amazon

4. Standing sandwich bag clips

You only have two hands when you're alone in the kitchen, despite sometimes needing four. These bag holders will change your life.

Only $4.99 on Amazon

5. A pair of claws to hold your cooking utensils

It's always awkward trying to find the right place to set down a saucy spoon. No more!

It's $8.99 on Amazon

6. One peeler to rule them all

It attaches to your hand, for Pete's sake. Why didn't someone invent this sooner?

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7. De-core your pineapple sans frustration

If you own one of these gadgets, you don't have to think twice about all the work that goes into prepping the pineapple for consumption. This will save you time and get you a lot less sticky than alternative methods.

It's only $5.99 on Amazon

8. Finally, a colander for most cans

Say goodbye to using the lids to drain juice from canned goods; and while you're at it. This is easier and much less dangerous.

It's $2.50 on Amazon

9. An ice cube tray not subject to freezer laws

This tray if a must have if your fridge/freezer doesn't have an ice dispenser. It fits in tight crevices — horizontal or vertical — and will make you proud of all those hours you spent playing Tetris as a child.

It's $9.99 on Amazon

10. A quick and efficient knife sharpener

Time to ressurrect those dull blades. This little gadget will keep you cutting and chopping long term.

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Be My Valentine

Recipes that send the right message

Chocolate Caramel Sandwich Cookie

They say the way to a man's heart is through chocolate! This is an absolutely delectable caramel cookie sandwich, covered in dark chocolate. Perfect Valentine's Day Dessert!

Get this recipe

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How to Control Your Content Feed

Choosing the content that will be displayed on your home page.

So, you have your account all set up. You have your bookmarklet button active on your browser so you can post new recipes that you like on your home page whenever you see one while browsing the Internet. You even have some great collections started. So how do you fill those collections with great recipes? Like mentioned above you can grab them from any location on the Internet, but that takes time and effort. What if you could have a stream of great recipes flowing right across your home page. Whenever you see one that you like, just click on the collect button in the bottom right corner and add it to the collection that you want or create a new collection just for that recipe.Here is how to do it:

After logging in, go to "My Page" by clicking on your "profile icon" in the top right- hand corner. Then click on the "River" tab.

This is the stream of great recipes I was talking about. It is comprised of just Chefs, Collections, and Categories/Hashtags you are "following". You can see who you are currently following by clicking on the "Following" tab.

The content that is in your "River" is used to populate your home page. So, if you control who and what you follow, you can control the recipes that are shown on your home page. To follow a Chef just go to their profile page and click on the "follow" button.

To get to a Chef's profile page click on their name. It is found at the bottom of a recipe card or at the top of a complete recipe.

Once you open a Chef's profile page you can also see all of their collections. If they have a collection that you want to follow just click on that collection. A new page will open that shows all of the recipes they have in that collection. Click on the "follow" button in the top left-hand corner. Now whenever they add a new recipe to that collection it will show in your feed.

To follow a category/hashtag you need to click on the tag that you want to follow. Tags are found at the bottom of a recipe. If you type the category/hashtag into the search field it will bring up recipes with that tag.