These 10 recipes will make you want Mexican food tonight

You've probably had a conversation that went something like this, at some point recently.

Person not cooking: "What's for dinner?"

Cook: "I dunno. What sounds good?"

Person not cooking: "Anything. I'm not picky."

Cook: "Choose something."

Person not cooking: "Okay, Mexican food."

Cook: "What kind of Mexican food?"

Conversations just like this happen every day, almost everywhere in the world. They can be painful for all parties involved. Today, you can be prepared by having a list of these top Mexican food recipes at hand.

Let's dive in.

Honey lime chicken enchiladas

By Six Sisters Stuff

Get the recipe.

Pork enchiladas

By Erin Sellin

Get the recipe.

Garlic chicken tacos with corn salsa

By Jaime Oliver

Get the recipe.

Pork tacos with cilantro-lime salsa

By Ashley Whitmore

Get the recipe.

Grilled fish tacos

By Melissa Hadfield

Get the recipe.

Mexican style chicken flautas

By Charbel Barker

Get the recipe.

Mexican street corn dip

By the Cookie Rookie

Get the recipe.

Cilantro-lime ranch burrito bowl

By Chelsea Lords

Get the recipe.

Ultimate burritos

By Curt Snarr

Get the recipe.

Beef nachos

By Paige Flamm

Get the recipe.


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