11 Soul-warming soups you won't get tired of

Sometimes it's the weather, other times it's nothing in particular, but when you know, you know. Here are 11 recipes for when you're determined that it's a soup day.

Slow-cooker enchilada soup

No, it's not taco soup. But it may be just as good. This soup is great when you have a hankering for Mexican food.

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Roasted tomato basil

Tomato basil has become a go-to combination for chefs wanting a classic, trusted soup.

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Loaded baked potato soup

A good potato soup is something most people can appreciate.

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Black bean taco soup

What would a soups list be if taco soup wasn't on it? By the way, this a great recipe to freeze.

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Hearty chicken tortilla soup

Scrum-dittely-umptious! Yep, that's what you'll be thinking when you try it.

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Olive Garden chicken and gnocchi soup copycat

Sure it's a copycat, but it's as good as the original. You'll see.

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Slow cooker chicken noodle soup

It's a classic and easy to make.

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Minestrone and sausage soup

For those who like the timeless taste of minestrone, this soup is for you!

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Broccoli and cheese soup

Once again, a timeless soup that deserves a spot on this list.

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Roasted cauliflower soup

Cauliflower isn't great by itself, but in a soup, it's fantastic!

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French onion soup

And let the mouth watering begin... mmm.

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