18 tweets about food that are simply too funny to be left alone

If you're not very familiar with Twitter, here's the basic concept. Just like any other social media site, you create and account and then can connect with people. Some people have a lot of followers and others don't. A Twitter user has 140 characters or less to say what they want to say. So, the communication is concise.

Some of these people are famous, others aren't. Regardless, they all said something on Twitter about food that we thought was funny. Now, it's time to enjoy.

The Snake Diet

Happy accidents?

Those who love all things organic

A page from Bond's playbook

Survival of the fittest

We've all been there

Would the real Food Network please stand up?

You know who you are

Emotions all over the charts

Naming conventions

The sad truth about carrots

"Butterly" confused

Share food? Me?

Don't ask a question you might not like the answer to

How to properly propose a toast

This means war

Freudian slip

Job interviews and food


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