The 4 best Girl Scout cookie copycat recipes

It's that time of year again. You can't go to the store without seeing girl scouts out selling as many cookies as possible.

And let's be honest, you'll probably buy a box (ahem...or ten.)

But what happens when the boxes of flaky, chocolatey deliciousness run out? You're left with the rest of the year to daydream about the minty or peanut-buttery goodness that awaits you.

That is, until now.

We've scoured the web to find the very best copycat recipes for the most popular girl scout cookies.

Here's what we found...

1. Thin Mints Copycat Recipe

Nothing says "girl scout cookie" more than a thin, minty cookie doused in smooth chocolate. So our first recipe is, of course, Thin Mints.

Recipe and photo from Like Mother Like Daughter.

2. Tagalongs Copycat Recipe

Not far behind that delicious minty flavor comes an annual peanut-butter favorite: Tagalongs.

The recipe below is the perfect craving-killer for that crunchy peanut-buttery perfection covered in chocolate.

Recipe and photo from Spoon University.

3. Do-si-dos Copycat Recipe

Speaking of peanut butter, try layering some creamy peanut butter between two crunchy, delicious oatmeal cookies and you've got yourself a delicious, homemade Do-si-do.

Recipe and photo from Cookies & Cups.

4. Samoa Copycat Recipe

If peanut butter's not your flavor of choice, how about a bit of carmel and coconut layered with a touch of dark chocolate?

That's right, here's a fabulous copycat recipe for Girl Scout Samoas.

Recipe and photo from Chocolate Covered Katie.

More fun with Girl Scout flavors…

If you're ready to take your girl scout cookie obsession to the next level, try some of these spin-off recipes:


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