7 Creative Harry Potter desserts even muggles can make

If you've ever found yourself sitting at the table with a ladle in your hand and shouting "Accio cookie jar!" then have we got a treat for you today!

Below are 7 of our favorite Harry Potter-themed treats and desserts:

(And yes, we picked the number seven on purpose so we could make all of these treats at once and then pretend like their horcruxes that can only be destroyed by our mouths.)

1. Hogwarts letter cookies

These cookies aren't only delicious and beautiful, they're maybe the most fun treat on our whole list.

You (ahem, I mean your kids...) will love the fun surprise waiting inside their edible letter from Hogwarts.

Take a look at the full process and recipe here.

2. Golden snitch cake pops

Everyone at the party will want to get their hands on your golden snitch cake pops.... but they'll have to catch them first.

The delicious treat shown below is dipped first in golden sprinkles and has wings made of fondant.

Extra house points if you make your husband run around the room while you chase and catch the golden snitch!

For a simple recipe with instructions, click here.

3. Chocolate frogs

Rediscover the magic of Harry's first ride on the Hogwart's Express—but learn from their mistake...don't let it jump out the window.

These chocolate frogs are super easy to make and quite delicious. All you need is a simple chocolate mold and a little experience tempering melted chocolate.

To make your own chocolate frogs, click here.

4. Sorting hat bread

Okay, we know, this isn't technically a dessert.

But, here's a quick fix: dip this delicious bread in some nutella and...boom! You've transfigured a savory snack into a sweet treat faster than Professor Slughorn can change into a lounge chair.

To make this delicious hat for yourself, click here.

5.Pumpkin Juice

If you've got a craving for pumpkin juice, don't risk drinking one from Dolores Umbridge— just make your own.

And don't worry. If you're picturing some thick orange pasty drink that reminds you of an expired V8, this delicious drink is tastier than it sounds and completely veritaserum-free.

To mix up your own brew of pumpkin juice, click here.

6. Butter beer

Perhaps the only thing better than a refreshing glass of pumpkin juice, is a delicious butter beer.

And while there's no better butter beer (say that ten times fast) in the world than the ones served at The Three Broomsticks, this copycat recipe is pretty much perfect.

(And as an added bonus, you can enjoy this drink with your kids because it has absolutely zero alcohol in it—despite the misleading name.)

To brew some butter beer in your own kitchen, try this recipe.

7. Book of Monsters Cake

Last, but certainly not least, I had to include this adorable cake of one of the most disgusting...uh...creatures in the Harry Potter universe: the Book of Monsters.

I mean, why—just, why?

Anyway, here's a much cuter (and safer) version of the book made completely from delicious cake.

The fur is the most magical part here—made using a very cool piping technique that's sure to be lots of fun and impress your family at the same time.

To give this recipe a try, click here.

What did we miss?

Alright, Potterheads, what did we miss on this list? Leave a comment below and we'll be sure to add it.


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