7 Secrets your mom never told you about cooking

Moms often spend a lot of time in the kitchen, and many get really good at their craft. Not all that knowledge is easily passed from generation to generation. It's time to find out what mom forgot to tell you.

Don't wash your meat platter unnecessarily

How many times have you placed raw meat on a platter or plate only to transfer it to the grill and you're left with a dirty dish that you can't put cooked meat on? Yeah, it's painful. The simple solution mom never shared: put some plastic wrap down before the raw meat touches the platter. Really, it's that simple. Then you can just dispose of the plastic wrap and you have a clean platter ready to serve the cooked meat on.

Keep side dishes cold while serving

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So, you go to a social event and you made a nice side salad (like macaroni salad). Well, anything with mayonnaise in it needs to be kept cold so it doesn't spoil. Place your serving bowl in a larger bowl that is filled with ice. That way you can leave the food out without worry and enjoy the event.

Make more than you'll eat and freeze it


Make more than you'll eat and freeze it

Such a simple, effective concept — and even better if you have the freezer space. Mom should have told you to make double batches and freeze half. After all, she knows all about running short on time from being a mom herself.


Make enormous ice cubes for pitchers


Ice takes a bit to make, so instead of using all of your little ice cubes when serving a beverage from a pitcher, be proactive and make larger ones. Clean out old yogurt containers (or something of a similar size) and make large ice cubes in them.

Measure honey without it sticking

Measuring honey doesn't have to be a sticky nightmare. Just use a bit of cooking spray on the measuring utensil before you fill it with honey. You'll be surprised at how well this works.

Soften butter with radiant heat

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Use the radiant heat from the microwave to soften your butter. First, microwave a cup of water for about 2 minutes. Next, remove it and place your butter on a plate inside the microwave. Wait a few mins and you'll be good to go.

Let cookie dough sit for a few hours


You remember making and baking cookies as a child. You'd make the dough then put it on the baking sheet and bake the cookies right then. Your cookies will turn out much better if you let the cookie dough sit in the fridge for several hours before you bake. Just sayin'.


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