9 Meals your 9-year-old should be able to cook

All kids learn and grow differently—that's a given. Some are on televised cooking shows by age 9 while others struggle to make a PBJ by then. Regardless of your child's natural kitchen talent, it's wise for young children to have a few go-to recipes they can cook on their own.

Here are 9 recipes most children should be able to make on their own by age 9.

1. Mac N Cheese


The directions are simple and many households have the ingredients on hand. Having Mac N Cheese in the arsenal will ensure that your kid could feed younger siblings or fill the growling stomachs of the neighborhood kids in no time. For a quick and easy way to add protein, your child could chop up some hot dogs and mix them in with the dish.

2. Personal pizzas

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Grab some pita bread or hamburger buns, marinara sauce, shred some cheese, and add any other toppings you like. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and cook until the cheese melted. Bon appetite!

3. PBJ


It's arguable whether this should even be on the list—it's so easy to make. Nonetheless, most 9-year-olds should be able to hold their own in this category. Some may have even ventured into the double and triple-decker sandwiches.

4. Grilled cheese sandwich


It's not too difficult to butter the outsides of the bread, stick some cheese in the middle, and put it in a frying pan. Your kid will do just fine by age 9.

5. Nachos


If you have tortilla chips and cheese, your kids are in good shape. They can easily open a can of beans, slice up a tomato or olives, and add salsa to make it colorful and boost the flavor.

6. Spaghetti


Meatballs and ground beef aren't to be expected at this age, but boiling some noodles and adding a jar of spaghetti sauce should be just fine. Tell your kid to butter some toast and sprinkle garlic salt on it for a quick version of garlic bread.

7. Baked potato

Wash the potato, poke some holes in it with a fork and stick it in the microwave for 5 minutes. Cut it open, add cheese, butter, sour cream, and whatever else is around the house. It's quick and easy for kids.

8. Cheese quesadilla

This couldn't be left off of the list. Shredding cheese and putting it in a tortilla should is a walk in the park, so as long as your kid is comfortable around a stove or microwave, this should be easy-peezy.

9. Hot dogs

Sure, adding a hot dog to Mac N Cheese is easy, but so is making a hot dog by itself. Your kid could boil water and cook it that way, or simply cover it with a paper towel and microwave it for 35-50 seconds. If you don't have any buns, fold a piece of bread over it and add your condiments.


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