Can you match these well-known foods with the cities they're from?

So you think you're a pretty skilled foodie, huh?

Well it takes more than perfectly shot pics of your downtown lunch to impress us. If you really know your food, take the quiz below and prove it.

We've listed 9 very well-known dishes from popular cities around the world.

Take the quiz, see where you stand, and challenge your friends to see who really has the most bragging rights when it comes to food knowledge!

You're gettin' there

You've got a pretty good idea of where these dishes come from. But I wouldn't stop traveling (or eating) just yet. :)

Whatever you're drinking, it's half full...

We like to look on the bright side, at least you got more than half

Hey, Foodie...looking good!

You did better than most people at this quiz. You should challenge your friends and see if you're the biggest foodie you know.


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