How to Control Your Content Feed

Choosing the content that will be displayed on your home page.

So, you have your account all set up. You have your bookmarklet button active on your browser so you can post new recipes that you like on your home page whenever you see one while browsing the Internet. You even have some great collections started. So how do you fill those collections with great recipes? Like mentioned above you can grab them from any location on the Internet, but that takes time and effort. What if you could have a stream of great recipes flowing right across your home page. Whenever you see one that you like, just click on the collect button in the bottom right corner and add it to the collection that you want or create a new collection just for that recipe.Here is how to do it:

After logging in, go to "My Page" by clicking on your "profile icon" in the top right- hand corner. Then click on the "River" tab.

This is the stream of great recipes I was talking about. It is comprised of just Chefs, Collections, and Categories/Hashtags you are "following". You can see who you are currently following by clicking on the "Following" tab.

The content that is in your "River" is used to populate your home page. So, if you control who and what you follow, you can control the recipes that are shown on your home page. To follow a Chef just go to their profile page and click on the "follow" button.

To get to a Chef's profile page click on their name. It is found at the bottom of a recipe card or at the top of a complete recipe.

Once you open a Chef's profile page you can also see all of their collections. If they have a collection that you want to follow just click on that collection. A new page will open that shows all of the recipes they have in that collection. Click on the "follow" button in the top left-hand corner. Now whenever they add a new recipe to that collection it will show in your feed.

To follow a category/hashtag you need to click on the tag that you want to follow. Tags are found at the bottom of a recipe. If you type the category/hashtag into the search field it will bring up recipes with that tag.