Sesame French Fries with Creamy Wasabi Dip

This delicious twist on a family favorite is just what you need next time you grill some burgers.


3 pound russet potatoes ( washed and cut into french fries )

3/4 quart Canola oil

4 tablespoon sesame oil ( )

to taste sea salt

4 ounces cream cheese ( at room temperature )

1 cup mayonnaise

3 tablespoon wasabi ( found on the Asian isle in the grocery store (you could also use wasabi powder, but I'm not sure wha )

2 tablespoon soy sauce ( )

2 tablespoon water ( more if you need the sauce thinner )


In a large dutch oven bring the canola and sesame oils to 375 degrees (about bet ween medium high and high on your stove) . Add the potatoes and...

See the full recipe here


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