These 14 cakes are way too cool to eat

Some desserts are meant for eating, others are meant for looking at. These nine cakes fall into the category of the latter. They are simply too awesome to eat. Enjoy!

In a galaxy far far away...

A wedding cake decorator was asked to make a cake with a galaxy theme. This is what she came up with.

And this...

Masquerade cake

The dragon you don't want to eat

The "Cars" dream cake

"My Little Pony" birthday cake

The "Chewy" cake

Incredibly detailed "Angry Birds" cake

For the lady bug lover

"The Thing" you don't want to eat

Carousel cake for kids

A treasure chest of deliciousness

Under the protection of superheroes

A bumblebee masterpiece

Here kitty kitty

Then there's this side of the story


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