This Gordon Ramsay video proves you've been cooking scrambled eggs wrong your whole life

"Every time we get a new cook in the kitchen, we always ask them to make a scrambled egg. And if they can make the perfect scrambled egg, you know they know how to cook properly."

That's what celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay says as he pops a this piece of toast in the toaster right before he cracks a few eggs into the pan.

He then proceeds to cook a scrambled egg that looks as though it came from Zuess' mountaintop itself—an egg that's almost too perfect.

After watching the video, you'll find yourself questioning everything you ever knew about cooking scrambled eggs. For example, you're probably putting salt in at the wrong stage.

But, rest assured: there's no need to be intimidated by his method. After all, he burned that piece of toast we referred to above. :)


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