What Did Our Founding Fathers Eat?

Did you ever wonder what George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson ordered when they went to dinner? You might be surprised!

Apple Fritters! This was a special treat for autume festivities often topped with a brandy sauce. Make it yourself.

A common breakfast meal at the Washingtons, very easy to make.

They also invented maple syrup in Connecticut to go with hoe cakes. The idea is attributed to native Americans. Here are the ingredients.

It is not a myth. George Washington really did love cherry pie. Try this classic recipe.

Benjamin Franklin loved turkey so much he wanted it to be our national bird. This recipe can be used year-round. It's not just for Thanksgiving anymore.

Ben Franklin is credited with introducing this oriental product to the USA. He praised it's healthy and versatile qualities. Here is a great recipe.

If you like ice cream you have Thomas Jefferson to thank. His obsession with the tasty treat is what made it popular in the United States. Here is a good homemade recipe.

Jefferson spent 5 years as an ambassador in France. One of the two foods he tasted there and loved so much that he promoted it in the US is French fries. Make your own.

You will never guess the other one. A recipe for it is found here.


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