What type of foodie are you?

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Fun Food Word Search

The Results:


At one point, you'd take quantity over quality, but you've since matured. Today, it's about eating what you already know you love. In short, taco night has become part of your identity.


Your preferred appetizer, and a most delicious one at that. You're too invested in the relationship to say the entire word — it's guac to you, and will be forevermore. You want it on your salads, with chips, on your tacos, and more. You've spent hours making it on your own and you can tell the difference between that which was made with a mix and what was made from scratch.


Practicality is your middle name. You have your preferences on which pizza restaurant to order from, but that has never stopped you from consuming pies from myriad establishments — all the while you maintain your composure and enjoy the ride.


You know that not all steaks are created equal. If a steak is $7.99 you know not to waste your time. With each slab of meat you try, you compare it to one that you could grill yourself. Steak is no longer just a food to you, it's a form of art.


You've been known to post the occasional picture of your burgers on Instagram. Sure, fast food burgers will suffice when you're desperate, but your true passion lies in beef that weighs more than 1/4 pound. The bigger, the better. There have even been times while eating a burger that you've envied snakes and their incredible ability to "open wide" while to get a handle on their meal.


Ain't nobody who cooks better than mama does. You associate casseroles with gatherings and memories come flooding in with each bite. In your mind, Sundays don't feel quite right if a casserole isn't involved.

home simpson casserole meme

Fried Chicken

You'll take it hot or cold, but prefer one over the other. The breaded goodness makes you wonder how anybody manages to diet, ever. You can't help but think what others are missing out on while you enjoy your battered bird. When fried chicken is on the menu, you're a kinder, more welcoming person.

fried chicken meme


Chocolate is a friend you spend time with every single day. You started off loving milk chocolate but have since come to acquire a more mature pallet and you have ventured into the dark chocolate world. Hershey bars are still good, but you usually leave those for smores, as now your taste buds long for something a bit more, well, sophisticated.


You may not eat it as much as you'd like, but when you do, you savor every bite. When cheesecake is involved, whatever food or appetizer is served beforehand is simply something that's just getting in your way of the finish line (the cheesecake itself). Just one bite will never suffice.


Your attention to detail exceeds expectation. You're observant and consider it one of your strengths. You often have to tone it down around your friends as to not annoy them with your craft, the gift of perception.


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