You should eat these 7 foods before you exercise

Food is fuel, but you know that. And it's pretty obvious that your body needs a little somethin' somethin' before you exercise if you want to have a good, healthy workout. Exercising on an empty stomach is never a good idea. So, here are some common foods that will give you the energy — and nutrients — to get the most from your exercise.

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1. Peanut butter toast with bananas

Start with the whole wheat bread, choose your peanut butter, and add those bananas. If you're feeling ambitious, drizzle some honey on top. Here you get simple and complex carbs, protein, and some potassium.

2. Chickpeas

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Didn't see this one coming, did you? Eat 1/4 cup for a quick snack before your workout and you'll get a nice balance of carbs (30 grams), protein (10 grams), and fiber (9 grams). If the taste is too dull for you, add some lemon juice for flavor.

3. Greek yogurt and nuts


Yogurt is easy on your stomach, and let's be real, nobody wants stomach issues during a workout. Go easy on the nuts. They are high in fat (good fats), but as a result, digest slowly. You don't want to feel sluggish during your workout, so don't overeat before.

4. Egg whites

Eat the egg whites without the yolk. Yes, you read that correctly. Yolk contains fat that digests slowly, which could cause you to feel sluggish during your workout. The egg whites alone contain about 4 grams of protein per egg, without the fat.

5. Smoothies


A smoothie is a great, simple way to get some energy before you work out. Try building your own blend to maximize on healthy ingredients and cut out excess sugar. Add a source of protein and you'll be golden.

6. Oats with fruit

Fiber is known for releasing carbohydrates at a steady rate into your bloodstream. Those carbohydrates give you the energy you need to workout. Oh, and oats — they're packed with fiber. Add some apples or fruit for taste and extra nutrients.

7. Dried fruit

If you are short on time, dried fruit is an excellent option for a pre-workout snack. It'll give you simple carbs and as a result, you'll get instant energy. Try 1/4 cup to get you started.

For optimal results, try to eat approximately 45 minutes before you exercise. Go get 'em!

Reminder: after this, you'll also want to read "10 Foods you should eat after you exercise".


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