Your kids can make this easy pizza when you're too busy or tired to cook

I created this really quick and easy recipe mainly for my kids. We all love pizza, but making one from scratch is time consuming, and buying a commercial one is usually incredibly unhealthy. This is a great solution. The key is finding a whole wheat hamburger bun, or even a whole grain english muffin. Both work great. Just toast the bun, then load it up with sauce, cheese and healthy toppings!


Kid-friendly easy pizza

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8 whole wheat buns ( or english muffins )

1 Can (16 oz) spaghetti sauce

to taste garlic

to taste italian seasoning

to taste parmesan cheese

to taste tomato paste

to taste mozzarella cheese ( and or other italian cheeses )

to taste olives ( Olives, Pineapple Tid Bits, Green Pepper, Onions, Red Pepper, Zuchinni, Mushrooms (any of your favor )


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