Best Foods To Take To The Beach


Opt for wraps over regular sandwiches when packing lunch for a day at the beach. For one, it's just fun to coil things up in a tortilla or collard leaf. But more importantly, when the fillings are tucked away on the inside, they're better protected — plus wraps are easy to eat with one hand. Recipe.


Whether you go for fruit, veggies, or meat, kabobs make great beach fare. This is a hands-off (read, sand-free!) meal that's utensil-free and easy to eat, with even easier cleanup. Get recipe.

A Sweet Twist

These Dessert Kabobs are super easy to make and can be easily adapted to use whatever you have on hand. They look impressive, taste amazing and are sure to be a hit! Recipe.

Couscous or Pasta Salad

Either tend to hold up well in the heat. Also, even if a few grains of sand make their way in, they'll easily get lost in a jumble of couscous; you might not even notice. Recipe for homemade.


Don't forget dessert! Cookies are a simple finger food to curb your post-lunch sweet tooth. It's probably best to skip anything chocolate to avoid a melty mess. Here's a good choice.

Chocolate-Covered Frozen Bananas

If you have to have chocolate then get a good cooler and put these inside. Recipe.


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