Cookie Mania

10 Great Cookie Recipes

You should do yourself a favor and make these. Just try them at least once, and tell me they aren't your new favorite! Get Recipe

Red Hot Cookies

Candy & Cookies all in one! Get Recipe.

Rolo Cookies

Sticking with the candy theme. So easy and sooooo good. Plus, they only have 4 ingredients! Recipe.

Reese's Cookies

Last candy based recipe. But this one is the best! They are addicting. Recipe.

Best Sugar Cookies EVER!

Ever wanted to make a sugar cookie that was dense and moist and oh so beautiful? Well this is the recipe for you! Recipe.

Scrumdiddlyumptious Cookies

These oatmeal cookies are loaded with chocolate chips, nuts, craisins, and coconut. Super soft and yummy. And that is why we call them Scrumdiddlyumptious. Recipe.

Caramel-Apple Cookies

A soft, cinnamon-spiced cookie, loaded with apple bits and graham cracker crumbs, is married with melted caramel, which oozes down its sides and straight into your mouth. Recipe.

Applesauce Oatmeal Cookies

These are an easy and healthy treat. Recipe.

Chocolate Strawberry Cake Mix Cookies

Some of my favorite cookies are our Chocolate Orange Cake Mix Cookies with Ganache Topping. I decided to change them up a little with some strawberry buttercream. They were absolutely delicious! Recipe.

Chocolate Ginger Cookies

A soft , spiced cookie made with chunks of crystallized ginger. Recipe.


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