Strangest Food Superstitions

Did you know?

Did you know?

Be careful what you do with all those egg shells. Sailors believe that when you break an egg you have to crush the ends of the egg too, or a witch will collect the shell, build a boat, and start a crazy storm out at sea. What?!! Well if you are going to break the eggs you might as well make this delicious dish.

Some believe that if you cut open a loaf of bread and it has a large bubble or hole, then someone you know will die in the near future. Stop the killing, here is a recipe for perfect bread every time.

There is a Spanish tradition you should eat 12 grapes, one by one, on New Year's Eve at midnight to represent the 12 months of the year. If a grape is sweet, it means that month will be a good month. If the grape is sour, well, you can imagine. Here is a better way to use those sour grapes.

It's thought that if you spill salt it will bring you bad luck. In order to remedy the situation, you have to throw salt over your left shoulder with your right hand. So, be careful when making this recipe.

The Chinese believe that long noodles represent a long life.Therefore, if you cut your noodles before serving them, you're also cutting your life short. So much for breaking up my ramen noodles before cooking. See recipe.

Apparently it's not cool to bring bananas on fishing boats. Fishermen believe it is bad luck, plus it will probably give you a stomach ache. If you want to mix bananas with boats try this.

You've probably heard of the tradition of two people pulling on a wishbone until it breaks, and the person with the larger piece gets to make a wish. But did you know that this belief started over two thousand years ago in Italy? They would carry a wishbone around and rub it for good luck. Then the Romans added the part of breaking it in half. Ready to roast a turkey? Recipe.

Most people know vampires don't like garlic, but it started as protection against the "evil eye". This was a Greek superstition that if you had a piece of garlic and someone gave you a bad look it wouldn't hurt you. I know it works in this recipe.


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